“enLIGHTenment”, and its follow-up incarnations of “transference” and “crossing the light bridge” are interdisciplinary performance projects that evolved from the core collaboration between musician Kriton Beyer and butoh-dancer Yuko Kaseki. All projects focus on the relationship of sound, light and movement, they deal with the central themes of networks of physical, biological and social nature, and explore the phenomena of (inter)connections, transference & transmission.

By playing his daxophone, Kriton Beyer controls a large number of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and floodlights in real time, which are linked to a specially developed light control system. Other central components of his setup include sound-light-feedback installations, thus correlating optical or acoustic feedback.

Yuko Kaseki translates the examination of these topics in the tradition of the Butoh dance in motion: with clarity and reduction to the essentials as well as with intense, unfiltered, original expression, always at the limit of what is physically possible.
Her movement creates a ‘physical’ echo of the sound, which in turn provides a new impulse for the other performers. Her long-term collaboration with various other sound artists enables her to react to sound and rhythm with great accuracy and thus to act as a skilled ‘translator’ of the sound in motion.

Teo Vlad, the light ninja, a member of the “enLIGHTenment”, as well as the “transference” project, uses analog and digital means to set the light in motion and to transform shadows and colors into living characters in a physical interplay of reality and fiction. In addition, he projects the resulting images using mobile devices on different sides of the room and thus stimulates the audience’s perception. His role is similar to that of a visual conductor in that he illuminates the interplay of sound and dance and acts at the interface between live performance in real space and the digital online world.