CinePrompt® is primarily designed for the use by improvising musicians for live performance to film or for live recording of soundtrack.

From the point of view of a filmmaker on the other hand, CinePrompt® is an ideal tool for anyone open to the idea of a film score being made by improvising musicians.

Film composers and directors alike can benefit when using CinePrompt® at spotting sessions: A film director or producer who might not be able to communicate his ideas in musical terms is provided with a unique tool to give clear and concrete non-musical instructions for the improvisers of a soundtrack recording. The software works as an actual ‘interface’ between the director and the composer.

On a more experimental level the software might also be of interest to visual artists who try to connect visual media with sound.

Furthermore, in the field of musical education, the software might also provide a different perspective on how to make music, or what music can react to.